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Well Visits

To keep your children healthy, it is important to bring them in for regular checkups. We recommend that you call our office 2 week(s) in advance so you may choose the date that best fits your needs.

During infancy, it is all about how your baby is able to handle its diet, bowel movement, sleep, growth & development, immunizations, family transitions and more.


During toddler and early school years, we discuss their tantrums, parallel play, potty training, sibling rivalry, growth and nutrition, immunizations and much more.


During elementary school and before high school a lot of focus is placed on good habits from nutrition to school performance, proper growth and adjustments to their changing body image (puberty). All children have a screening for vision, hearing, and urine (protein, blood) after the age of 3. Many children get their vaccinations for meningitis and tetanus at 11 or 12 yrs old. Many parents choose to give the new Gardasil vaccination at this time to their girls.


During high school, these young adults are counseled on college goals, school success and problems, relationships, exposure to drugs and alcohol and much more. If they have any chronic illness, we want to make sure that these young adults go into college with a good understanding and management of that problem (i.e., asthma).


  • Newborn
  • 3 days
  • One Month
  • Two Months
  • Four Months
  • Six Months
  • Nine Months
  • Twelve Months
  • Fifteen Months
  • Eighteen Months
  • Two Years
  • Three Years
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