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Dr. Edmond Sarraf

Edmond Sarraf M.D.

Dr. Edmond Sarraf completed his residency program in 2004 from Akron Children's Hospital in Ohio. During the past four years, he has practiced taking care of children of all ages in an office, hospital and Pediatric Urgent Care setting. Dr. Sarraf takes a hand-on approach in treating a multitude of medical conditions from moderate asthma and allergies to ADHD and so on. He has managed hundreds of healthy newborns and sick children in the hospital in the past few years. In the office, he performs circumcisions, drains abscesses, cauterizes umbilical cords as well as all the regular procedures needed for routine checkups.

"My experience in Bakersfield is something that I will always cherish. I thoroughly enjoyed taking care of my patients, whether they were premature infants, ready to go to Kindergarten or headed for college. I had the opportunity to really get to know my families well whether it was because I managed their chronic illness like asthma or serious illnesses such as MRSA bacteremia. The trust built through helping a parent manage the early nervous stages of a rapidly, changing newborn or helping them get through an unwelcome illness is something I savor."

Today's health care system and physician-parent-patient relationship is changing everyday. Unfortunately, it has become more impersonal, with long wait times, and sometimes, less than adequate care. Communication between Doctors and patients are strained by the necessity to have a very big schedules and the communication between physicians and subspecialist is seldom done. Dr. Sarraf desires to start a new type of practice where the communication between physicians, parents, patients and specialist are more effective than ever.

"It may sound crazy, but going to the physician should not be a whole day event or a massive undertaking. You should not wait an hour before being seen. The kids should have things to preoccupy them. Your older kids should be involved in their own care. And parents need to know that they can get access to their doctor at anytime, whether it is after hours, on weekends, holidays or home visits. My goal is to have you see your pediatrician as part of your "extended family" - the person you can count on to take care of all the things you need to nurture your most valuable and challenging investment - your children."